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My Studio


My studio is an upscale home studio perfect for creating. Having produced television broadcast quality music for over twelve years... as well as corporate and band videos to help promote business. 

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Elton Rohn


Our Elton John tribute has headlined over 200 shows in Canada and the USA. We 

are now considered one of the premier tributes in North America

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My album


Symphony In My Head 

Recorded entirely here at RDC Music Studio. My original album. 

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Out There With Melissa Dimarco

Twelve great years


Yes, I'm the music guy on Out There with Melissa Dimarco. This is the second show I've worked on with Melissa. The first "Dremseeker" is a award winning documentary show Melissa did for Omni. Now "Out There" is on City TV nationally in Canada. I write the music and also provide photography. It's also an award winner at the Los Angeles International Television and Film awards. We've worked together for over twelve years.

City TV nationally


Out There is in it's tenth season. It's an award winning entertainment show. Check your listings for Saturday nights on City TV. For more info on the show go to www.outtherewithmelissa.com

Fun at shoots...


We've also done many photo shoots. When I'm not writing music I'm doing some photography that is also used on the show.

Connect with the show


find more information on the show at www.outtherewithmelissa.com

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Want to be on Out There?


Yes, we look for people to come on the show.  We have a blast. If you are interested in potentially being on the show, contact me and I can direct you on next steps and introduce you the production team.