My Studio


Welcome to my studio


This is where I work. I write original music and produce commercials, I've also done many corporate presentations and voice over sessions.  I’ve been writing original music for television for over fourteen years. My music has been heard on prime time television consistently since 2004. I have hundreds of hours nationally broadcast original music on prime time television in Canada and beyond. It was all produced here in my studio. In particular, I work as the main composer and “music guy” on Out There With Melissa Dimarco. This is my second show with Melissa Dimarco. As part of the ten year anniversary, I decided to expand my studio so that I can offer out my studio to bands and up and coming writers and musicians. I’ve also composed for other television projects, commercials and currently writing for a documentary film.   

I’ve built a studio that is comfortable. Most importantly, it has a very high quality of recording mixing and mastering. I love working here and I hope you will too.


Two Rooms

My studio is set up as a perfect environment to create. One master control room and one live floor room. I have a variety of guitars, keyboards, drums and hundreds of midi instruments . It's a great place to write together, produce or just try to create. 


Video editing as well...

I also have full video editing capabilities. I do a variety of corporate videos and commercials. It's also where I work on all our music videos for our Elton Rohn band. I am also composing for an original film documentary. Anything is possible here. 

The thing I am most proud of is the creative atmosphere here. It's all about getting it right. We don't have to watch the clock here.

If you need help in...

  • Working on your original Songs
  • Songwriting 
  • Commercials 
  • Voice overs
  • Corporate video presentations
  • Mastering and CD Output 
  • Marketing
  • Video editing